Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trying on Hats...Sussman Boy Style

On Friday, we took a family day and went to Jerusalem with five of the six boys. Yakir needed to keep his school safe from lions, elephants and butterflies - so we decided not to risk having the school unprotected.

But the other five enjoyed a day of fun and adventure at the shuk (open marketplace) downtown. We wandered around, bought fruit and vegetables and ate at everyone's favorite fish and chips restaurant.

Photo: Shuk with the dudes...time for fish and chips!

But the best part of the trip was my attempt to buy a few scarves. When we went into the hat store, I ignored the kids for a bit while I quickly tried to make decisions. I know that bored boys and a store are never a good mix. But little did I realize just how much fun the boys were having while I was trying on scarves and making decisions.

Amichai captured it all with the camera that he totes around everywhere these days. Yes, many of these are a bit blurry (kid needs a better camera). But you get the idea. Here is what happens when you put five boys in a hat store for more than a few seconds: Enjoy.


Yes, folks...that's underwear on the head


  1. Love the pics, so fun to see you guys!

  2. Love it! Hope no one has lice, or gets lice!